Our clients

We are working with startups, small, medium and blue chip companies based in the UK and in France assisting them in their IT and Digital recruitment.

For Verduron recruitment success is the result of a direct and transparent approach, combined with a dedicated search and selection.

Our methodology

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Discussing together about your needs

We identify the needs associated to your company.

Presenting pre-qualified candidates which we selected based on your criteria

We present candidates that we have meticulously pre-qualified based on your search criteria.

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You interview them as well and tell us if you want to go further

After meeting the candidate, you are free to continue recruiting or not (no placement = no fee).

Candidate works for you

The candidate joins your company.

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Rebate period

We offer a rebate period on permanent candidates.

Why working with us ?

Transparency and advice

We will help you through the whole recruitment process.

Quality candidates

Easily hire better talents than your competitors and get more market share. We have a network of 30 000 candidates which we have selected.

Save time

You will directly receive pre-qualified candidates matching your criteria which will enable you to overgrow your target and spend time on other activities or researches.


You can keep on working on your recruitment aside and give us only projects where you most need help.


Have the choice to keep your recruitment more confidential from your partners and competitor and access to a wider range of candidate.

Save money in your research

Since we manage your candidate search, you can avoid posting adverts on IT Job Board (which can cost up to £600 per advert).

Excellent quality/price ratio

We can work on a contingency basis (no placement = no fee).


We operate on several countries, we will therefore be able to follow your growth on your recruitment abroad.

Success of Verduron recruitment is the result of a direct and transparent approach, combined with a dedicated search and selection.

Do you have any question ?

send an email at contact@verduron.com or click on this button.